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2018 Service Auction Mission

The 2018 Auction raised funds to help the city of Huntington Woods purchase and install an emergency generator at one of our public buildings. The need for the emergency generator system became clear in the winter of 2017 when the City of Huntington Woods experienced wide-spread power outages for many days in some parts of our community. The City was able to open the Gilham Recreation Center as a warming center to assist those residents who were unable to stay in their homes, but this was only possible because the Rec Center had power. Had the power outage been more severe, the City would not have had the ability to house residents temporarily in a warm, safe space.

In addition to being a warming/cooling station for residents, the building with the emergency generator will be able to serve as an Emergency Operations Center (EOC). Having a proper EOC for the city would place Huntington Woods as a leader among the local communities when it comes to disaster and emergency response, and give our first responders the resources to assist the residents of our City in the event of an emergency. As experts in the field of emergency preparation say, it's never a question of if a disaster is going to occur, it's a question of when it will.  

For the past 35 years. the HWMC Service Auction has raised funds to support many significant projects with our community. The Service Auction is a fundraising event where goods and personal and professional services donated by community merchants, artists, residents and members are auctioned.

Attendance at the Auction is for adults only. Tickets for the event are $25 per person, and all refreshments and food are complimentary, thanks to the generosity of our many sponsors.

Scenes from 2017

Watch Saturday's auction, setup to auction to cleanup

And here it is — the 36th Annual Service auction, held Saturday, March 25, 2017. Watch it all set-up, being held and cleaned up!


2017 was a huge success, let's all make the 2018 event equally successful!


 Year Project 
2017Renovation of Scotia Park
2016 Renovation of Scotia Park
2015 Pool Scoreboard and Timing System
2014Burton Community Park 
2013 Burton Community Park 
2012 Tree Maintenance Program
2011Single Stream Recycling Carts 
2010 Solar Panels at the Rec Center
2009 Pool Deck Renovation
2008 Past Presidents's Scholarship Fund
2007Library and Cultural Center Kitchen Renovation
2006 Burton Track, Portable Bleachers and Pool Chairs
2005 Reynolds Park Renovation (final contribution)
2004 City Street Signs
2003 Reynolds Park Renovation (initial contribution)
2002 Skate Board Park
2001LaSalle Fountain & Library Stained Glass
2000 Scotia Light Poles (final contribution)
1999 Water Slides at City Pool
1998Night Vision Goggles and Library Reading Room
1997 Burton Field Irrigation System
1996Scotia Light Poles (initial contribution)
1995Library Reading Room (initial contribution)
1994 Rec Center Carpeting
1993Burton Community Park
1992 Library Stained Glass Window
1991 City Hall Entrance Wall, Plaque & Flag Pole
1990 Swimming Pool for the Kids
1989 Bear Sculpture 
1988 Reynolds Park Playground Structure
1987 Town Clock
1986 Burton Bridge Play Structure
1985 Reynolds Park Playground Structure
1984 Peasley Park Playground Structure

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