President’s Column

You may or may not know that the club’s fiscal year began August 1. With that comes a new board. I thank you for electing me to lead this exceptional club. It is truly an honor. As we start our new year, I want to continue what this club is about and what the previous presidents have executed… a successful community focused club dedicated to civic service and community building events…conducted in an open, fun and social environment.

Our club is comprised of individuals whom we call neighbors and friends. I can personally state that my “circle of friends” has grown considerably since I joined the Men’s Club and I truly value these friendships. I know these friendships probably would not have occurred if I was not an active member of the club.

My goals this year are to continue the successful execution of our three outstanding fund raising events (service auction, 4th of July raffle and cider and donut sale). Also, I’m hoping to increase the participation level of our 130+ member club.

Outside of the auction, it may surprise you to know that many of the parties and other events that require volunteers are executed by a consistent and small group of 15 members. I understand that we are a volunteer organization but if you are a veteran please consider helping out on one activity outside of the auction. If you are new member I encourage attendance at our general membership meetings and also volunteer for one activity…it’s the best way to start building those relationships that could turn into fantastic friendships as I have found.

Lastly, I am excited to be a part of wonderful board. Returning members include Rob Hurley, Rob Spurgeon, Amit Bhagwan and Harvey Columbo. New members are Phil Hilliard and Steve Rolands. Bruce Lister has graciously agreed to become the Advisor. And Brian Bell becomes the Chairman. Many thanks to Brian for all his work last year as president and all of his other contributions to the club. Know that all the board meetings are open to anyone to attend. They are the first Wednesday of every month. Hope to see you at the GM meeting.

Rob Robertson
President, Huntington Woods Men’s Club