2015 Auction Gifts and Ads Needed NOW!

We need your gifts! We need the advertisers you bring to the Club’s auction!

Download a 2015 gift form!

Download a 2015 advertising rate sheet!

You can also pay for advertisements on this site.

We as a Club and as a community need your best gifts, gift ideas and advertising sales to raise money for Huntington Woods. Without your help securing these items, we don’t have a financially successful auction.

If you would like to contribute a gift to the 2015 auction download a gift form here, too.

If you’re looking for gift ideas, see our Gift Chairs, Harvey Colombo and Andy Stoy. They’d love to talk about gifts with you.

Harvey Colombo

Andy Stoy

Advertising accounts for almost 1/6th of our auction profits. It is pure profit, too. We have to print a catalog, no matter what. So, every dollar we make on selling an advertisement goes straight into the Club’s auction revenue.It costs us nothing except the time it takes for you to bring in the advertisers.

You can download an advertising rate sheet here, too.

If you’re looking for advertising solicitation ideas, see our Advertising Chairs, Mark Bielecki and Ben Richardson.

Mark Bielecki
(847) 275-0928

Ben Richardson
(248) 875-6373